Updates and releases

The rest of this year is going to be HUGE for me with releases. I have something coming out (tentatively) every month until 2015. Holy crap. That is a lot of books. Before I overwhelm myself just thinking about it, here is the lineup:

July 29th- Contagious (Permuted Press)

August 26th- Deathly Contagious (Permuted Press)

September 25th- All I Need*

September 30th- Contagious Chaos (Permuted Press)

October 28th- The Truth is Contagious (Permuted Press)

November 25th- Top Secret WIP*

December 17th- Unbound/Reaper relaunch and possibly Moonlight. I can't make any promises on that one, though.

Wow. Deep breaths. I can do this, right? It's exciting and scary to see that many books coming out in a short amount of time!! :) 



*Dates subject to change depending on cover art/editing turn around.