Contagious Chaos

The wait is finally over and the third book in the Contagium Series is finally here!! I know a lot of you have been waiting YEARS for this book. In case you don't know the story, I wrote and self published Contagious and Deathly Contagious in 2012. Then I was approached by Permuted Press and signed with them in April of 2013. Through a series of events beyond my control, the books got pushed back and release dates were moved until summer/fall of 2014.

I am so humbled by so many fans sticking with me and the series for 2 years. Ya'll rock. Contagious Chaos came out about a week ago, and sales are still going strong. I am blown away. And thrilled, of course.

So thrilled that I having giveaways on my Facebook page several times a week. You don't want to miss out! Head over to the  page and give it a like if you haven't. The fourth and FINAL book comes out on the 28th of October. I will post blurbs and teasers of it throughout the month of October and then I have a HUGE zombie giveaway planned at the end of the month!