Sometimes things don't happen like you expect them to. Things come up, schedules get rearranged, and things get pushed back. And that's exactly what happened with the Guardian Legacy Series. I didn't have Unbound and Reaper for sale for very long, so it still surprises me (in a good way of course!) that so many people have asked me about Moonlight. 

I pulled Unbound and Reaper from sale a while ago to get them cleaned up, recovered, and rebranded. Not much has changed in Unbound and Reaper (they are cleaner with a tighter plot), and the new covers will be revealed soon. I love them! 

Now, for Moonlight...I am not going to give an exact date just yet, but it *will* be out before the end of the year. As long as my schedule stays like it is, I'm shooting for an October release. 

I do have a date for Unbound's rerelease, and it's July 30th. ARC sign-ups are going out very soon! 

Thanks everyone for your continued support and patience!