Sometimes things don't happen like you expect them to. Things come up, schedules get rearranged, and things get pushed back. And that's exactly what happened with the Guardian Legacy Series. I didn't have Unbound and Reaper for sale for very long, so it still surprises me (in a good way of course!) that so many people have asked me about Moonlight. 

I pulled Unbound and Reaper from sale a while ago to get them cleaned up, recovered, and rebranded. Not much has changed in Unbound and Reaper (they are cleaner with a tighter plot), and the new covers will be revealed soon. I love them! 

Now, for Moonlight...I am not going to give an exact date just yet, but it *will* be out before the end of the year. As long as my schedule stays like it is, I'm shooting for an October release. 

I do have a date for Unbound's rerelease, and it's July 30th. ARC sign-ups are going out very soon! 

Thanks everyone for your continued support and patience! 

So it's June first...

And Beyond the Sea isn't out. I know, I know. I said May. *sighs* But things came up. Legit things, like randomly deciding to write a full length romance in only 27 days. The story is an emotional contemporary romance called Never Say Never, and is about two broken people falling in love and it takes place on a horse rescue in Montana. I cannot express how much I LOVE this book, and how it was worth putting everything on hold for about a month. 

I'm expecting final edits of BtS to be back to me tonight or tomorrow, and I have things booked with formatting, so as soon as it's file-ready and all prettied up, I will send out ARCs and set a release date. I'm expecting no more than 2 weeks for all this. I hope you all enjoy BtS as much as I do. It was so fun to write about mermaids and underwater creatures. Though I have to say, I'm going to be a bit freaked out by the ocean from now on! 

This should be the last time I push a book's release date back again and again. (I'm making myself get and stay organized for real this time!) Thanks for your continued patience!! And make sure to check out my FB page in the recent days. I'm going to start pre-release giveaways as soon as I get the final copy in my hands! :) 

Review: Hardcore Volume I

Four stars to Hardcore by Staci Hart! 

Over the weekend, I read Hardcore I by my friend Staci Hart. It was the first book of hers that I have read, and it won't be my last :)

Hardcore is an erotic serial novella that follows Cory. We meet Cory as she's running from rooftop to rooftop in NYC. She's got a rough and tough exterior, and throughout the book we learn more about her and the reasons why she hold up such a rough front. Cory hasn't had the easiest life and now she's responsible for taking care of her younger sister. The easiest way for Cory to make money (that she uses to pay for her sister's school tuition) is by stealing. She's good at silencing alarms and is fast. She likes the high she gets from B&E. 

What I like about Cory is she is the "bad guy" in the story. All too often the h in erotica is weak, innocent, and totally intimidated by the H. It was reversed (a bit) in Hardcore, which was a nice breath of fresh air. Cory is one tough bitch and can hold her own. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and doesn't melt at the feet of the H. (Thank you, Staci! Love me a tough female lead!)

The H, Sullivan (van) Collins, is a hot, athletic, rich, and well known photographer, who also likes to run and take risks like Cory. What I liked about Van is he was still sexy and mysterious, but was really a good guy. He's optimistic and trusting, which aren't qualities we see in Hs that often in erotica. He doesn't need to be an asshole alpha to be sexy. He's kindness to Cory was really appealing. He's the type of guy you'd want to settle down with for more than just one night. 

He and Cory hit it off right away. (And I mean, right away. They hook up literally seconds after meeting. They don't even know each other's names and they're getting it on.) They both have an empty spot in their hearts, even though Cory tries to resist, Van fills hers. 

Through events you'll have to just read about, Cory's sister is threatened and she must make the tough choice of protecting her sister and betraying Van or tell Van everything and risk her sister's life.

"What are you running from?"-Van


Part II comes out mid February. I'll be grabbing my copy for sure!! 

I'm a horrible blogger

I love writing. I hate writing blog posts.

Seems ironic, right? Maybe it is. Anyway, 2014 is coming to a close and what a year it has been! I had six books release this year. SIX! That's crazy! I think I'm slightly addicted to back to back releases now, though, because I've planned on releasing a book a month for all of 2015. I'm done with my Jan and Feb releases and I'm working on my March release. Three of those releases will be re-releases, so I'm not that insane ;) Unbound, Reaper, and Beyond the Sea are getting the full treatment. New editing, new plot (to an extent) and new covers. 

I'm unsure of exactly when those books will come out, so I'm not giving release dates yet. Right now it's looking like my April release will be another dark romance that's brewing in the back of my mind while I finish Take Me and then I will go back the Guardian Legacies (which I'm so freaking excited to do!) I will re-release Unbound and Reaper then release Moonlight, which I know a surprising amount of people have asked about.

It surprises me because it wasn't available for that long. It surprises me because I was a total newbie Indie author and had no clue what the hell I was doing. The editing isn't perfect. The books are really freaking long and ramble (usually about horses) for pages on things that don't necessarily move the plot. I've learned from my mistakes and I can't wait to dive back into these babies and get them back out.

I'm excited for what 2015 has to bring. My journey as an author has been anything but the norm. I published Unbound at the end of 2011, and then published Contagious, Beyond the Sea, Reaper, and Deathly Contagious within a year. 

But that's where things get weird. I was working full time and in nursing school. I couldn't keep up with writing, publishing, and promoting. I slacked. I stopped posting about the books. I stopped doing any promotions. Then I got an offer on the Contagium Series. I took it. The books were pulled (and were supposed to be re-published only a few months later but it ended up being over a year until the series came out again). I realized that Unbound, Reaper, and BtS were not done to the best of my ability. (Totally newbie, remember? I had NO clue what I was doing. I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning). 

So for over a year, I had no books published. I still occasionally posted about my books on my personal Facebook page, but I let my fan page fall to the wayside. I don't want to say I gave up, because I didn't. I still had the dream of writing full time and still considered myself an author. I had two books to write under contract that I was working on after 12 hour clinicals and hours of homework. I let myself "fall off the grid" and promised myself I'd start again...once I had the time. But of course life doesn't work like we want it to. I graduated from nursing school in 2012 then had a baby in 2013.

Finally, in 2014, I was able to publish again. Stay came out in May, then Contagious, Deathly Contagious, Contagious Chaos, and The Truth is Contagious came out monthly from July to October. All I Need released in December. So after a two year hiatus, I made a 6 book comeback. 

Sometimes it makes me sad when I think about the lost time. I really feel like I'm starting completely over. And I'm shocked, humbled, and so, so grateful for the fans that have stuck with me after reading the first self-pubbed version of Contagious. My gratitude for you guys leaves me speechless. Really. I wonder why you've stuck it out with me. I've met some amazing people because of those books, and many fans have become friends, some are even my best friends now. 

2014 was a good year, despite the long time off. I signed with an agent. Stay made it into the top 100 on amazon. (#26!) I hired a publicist. I quit my job and write full time. Those were all goals I hoped and dreamed of doing, and I met them.

Sometimes dreams take a while. Sometimes you have to put things on hold because life gets in the way. It's never a reason to lose hope or stop trying. I've come a long way in the past few months since I "became and author again", and I'm even more excited for what's to come.

All I have to say to 2015 is bring it. 


Contagious Chaos

The wait is finally over and the third book in the Contagium Series is finally here!! I know a lot of you have been waiting YEARS for this book. In case you don't know the story, I wrote and self published Contagious and Deathly Contagious in 2012. Then I was approached by Permuted Press and signed with them in April of 2013. Through a series of events beyond my control, the books got pushed back and release dates were moved until summer/fall of 2014.

I am so humbled by so many fans sticking with me and the series for 2 years. Ya'll rock. Contagious Chaos came out about a week ago, and sales are still going strong. I am blown away. And thrilled, of course.

So thrilled that I having giveaways on my Facebook page several times a week. You don't want to miss out! Head over to the  page and give it a like if you haven't. The fourth and FINAL book comes out on the 28th of October. I will post blurbs and teasers of it throughout the month of October and then I have a HUGE zombie giveaway planned at the end of the month! 

Updates and releases

The rest of this year is going to be HUGE for me with releases. I have something coming out (tentatively) every month until 2015. Holy crap. That is a lot of books. Before I overwhelm myself just thinking about it, here is the lineup:

July 29th- Contagious (Permuted Press)

August 26th- Deathly Contagious (Permuted Press)

September 25th- All I Need*

September 30th- Contagious Chaos (Permuted Press)

October 28th- The Truth is Contagious (Permuted Press)

November 25th- Top Secret WIP*

December 17th- Unbound/Reaper relaunch and possibly Moonlight. I can't make any promises on that one, though.

Wow. Deep breaths. I can do this, right? It's exciting and scary to see that many books coming out in a short amount of time!! :) 



*Dates subject to change depending on cover art/editing turn around.